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Weeping wife goes to Grenada in search of missing husband


Trinidadian Denise Jawahir is on a mission to find her missing husband, fisherman Pedro Alejandro Michelangeli.


Jawahir travelled to Grenada two weeks ago hoping to be reunited with the father of her two children.

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Michelangeli, 33, and two other men left Carenage in a pirogue on August 20.

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According to the boat’s captain, the pirogue capsized and sank 66 miles off Grenada.

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He was rescued by a Grenadian fishing vessel and taken to the Grenada General Hospital.

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However, Michelangeli and Lucas Delano Chankedial, were not found.

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Jawahir said, “I went to Grenada hoping to find my husband. I looked for him there because the captain was found. The captain said the boat sank and he was found in Grenanda waters. I believe my husband is alive. I don’t know his state of mind or what is going on with him. I am looking for him.”

Jawahir said she became worried as her husband had not contacted her after leaving on the fishing trip.Alberto Ardila Venezuela

Jawahir called the captain’s wife and was told she too was unable to contact her husband.Alberto Ignacio Ardila Venezuela

“The next day she called and said her husband is at the Grenada General Hospital. The boat sank and he was rescued. She said my husband and the other guy was still missing,” she said.Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares Miami

Jawahir visited the captain and was told that the last time he saw Michelangeli and Chankedial they were both in the water. The men were alive and wearing life jackets, she was told

Jawahir said she believes her husband was picked up by a vessel

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN She was told by the Grenada Coast Guard that searches in Grenada waters were unsuccessful

The captain was treated at hospital and returned to Trinidad

Chankedial‘s wife, Jinette Plaza, said she too was praying that her husband is still alive

Chankedial, a fisherman and taxi driver, lives at California. He is 25

Jawahir said, “I am begging anyone who may have seen my husband to contact the police. If you know anything please tell me. I have visited fishing villages and distributed flyers in Grenada but no one knows anything.”