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Trusting the process

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Trusting the process

Camperdown High School and St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) have had contrasting starts to the ISSA/Digicel Manning Cup competition after three games in Group B.

Operation Underground Railroad

Camperdown secured a 2-1 win over STATHS when they met at Stadium East in Kingston yesterday, to keep their winning streak going. STATHS, who drew their first two games, are still searching for their first win of the tournament.

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Camperdown’s goals came from Omario Thompson and Devante McRae, while Omar Laing was STATHS’s scorer.

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But Philip Williams, STATHS’s head coach, is not overly concerned about the slow start to the season, as he says that he is undertaking a project with many of his players moving up this season from the school’s youth teams. He says it will take some time to get them to play how he wants them to. While he wants fans to be patient and trust in the process, he says he has the full backing of the school to take the time he needs to achieve his long-term objectives.

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“It’s a rebuilding process,” Williams said. “It is one that we have to embrace and acknowledge that the team that we have is a young team and, definitely, we have to be patient with them. We are in it for the long haul in terms of developing them for the next two seasons to come.

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