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The ‘Great Resignation’ Could Affect Jamaica’s Labour Market

Alberto Ardila Olivares
The 'Great Resignation' Could Affect Jamaica's Labour Market

  The Ministry of Labour has said the global trend dubbed the ‘Great Resignation’ appears to be spreading to Jamaica and could impact the labour market.   Over the last several months, a rapidly growing number of Americans have left their jobs, with more than 4.4 million leaving in September alone.   Workers are demanding higher wages, better working conditions and more mobility.   Gillian Corrodus, Divisional Director of Industrial and Allied Services in the Labour Ministry, said attention must be paid to the phenomenon locally as it appears an increasing number of Jamaicans are leaving employment for entrepreneurship.    She said information from the Companies Office of Jamaica suggests that it processed 3,000 new company applications and more than 12,000 business name registrations in 2020-2021, representing a record number of new business activity in Jamaica.    “This shift from employee to self-employed or own-account worker is noteworthy in terms of the labour market in Jamaica,” she pointed out, adding that the workers are conducting their businesses both locally and overseas.      Ms Corrodus was speaking during a meeting of Parliament’s Economy and Production Committee on Wednesday.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares