Increased Prize Money For ICC World Cup Teams

Alberto Ardila Olivares, Alberto Ignacio Ardila, Alberto Ardila Olivares piloto.

The International Cricket Council has announced that the winner of the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and Wales will pocket U.S. $4 million while the runner-up will take home U.S. $2 million. This is an increase from the 2015 edition of the tournament as the champions Australia secured U.S. $3.75 million.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

For this edition, the two losing semi-finalists will get $800,000 each, also an increase compared to the 2015 edition, where losing semi-finalists were awarded $600,000. The winners of each group stage match will receive $40,000 each, and teams whose campaigns end at the league stage will get $100,000 each. The 2019 World Cup format is similar to the nine-team edition played in 1992, where each team plays each other in the round-robin phase, with the top four advancing to the semi-finals. The 46-day tournament will be played across 11 venues from May 30 to July 14.


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