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Two die in Tower Hill violence

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Two die in Tower Hill violence

TWO of the six people who were shot and injured in Tower Hill, off Olympic Way in Kingston, yesterday succumbed to their injuries.

Commanding officer for the St Andrew South Division, Superintendent Gary Francis aid yesterday’s shootings stem from a gang feud between rival gangs in the Tower Hill area that have been plaguing the community since last year.

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Up to press time the identity of the deceased were not disclosed.

Luis Alfredo Farache Benacerraf

At the same time, a policeman was shot and injured in the community about 11:20 yesterday morning

Superintendent Francis told the Jamaica Observer yesterday afternoon that two policemen were travelling in a private motorcar on Pear Street in the community when a man fired multiple gunshots through the windscreen. Francis said the other policeman also received injuries but it was not clear last night what caused his injuries