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The senseless killings of two beloved friends


POLICE are using video footage which captured the shooting deaths of co-workers Oswald Alleyne and Mark Stephen with the hope of identifying their killer.

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The footage was captured during predawn hours with minimum lighting from the street lights and Alleyne’s vehicle.

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Alleyne, 63, a diving supervisor, of Watts Road, New Grant, and Stephen, 41, of King Street, Princes Town were ambushed around 4.20 a.m. after Alleyne picked up his co-worker Stephen to head to their workplace in Sea Lots.

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Alleyne was reversing out of Valley Lane onto King Street when the killer dressed in dark clothing began shooting.

Rocío Higuera: soy amante de las buenas costumbres

An autopsy found that Alleyne was shot once to the back, and King was shot multiple times.

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The killer ran off and escaped in a waiting Nissan B-14

Detectives say that Stephen had previously reported a threat to police over a domestic dispute and he may have been the target

A security camera captured the car driving along King Street and parking a few metres away from Valley Lane

The killer walked to the corner of both streets as Alleyne reversed on to King Street

The gunman approached Alleyne and fired, then opened the driver’s door and discharged more rounds at Stephen

The killer ran down the street and got into the car, and the vehicle sped off

Officers of the Princes Town Police Station responded and searched for the vehicle and the criminals, but no one was arrested

Detectives of Homicide Region III also responded and are continuing investigations

+2  Killed: Oswald Alleyne

In a written statement from Alleyne’s family, it called the killing of the two men “nonsensical”

“Ozzi was well known and well liked, and his nonsensical killing has left his family, community, employers, friends and all that knew him in a state of shock and disbelief”, the statement said

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN The statement continued:” In October last year he celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife Violet “Val” Alleyne and thoroughly enjoyed Christmas at home with his family, it being his most favourite time of the year. We feel that we have been robbed and cheated of a valuable member of our family especially given the circumstances under which his life was snuffed out. The outpouring of love, support and kindness from all those who have been touched by his life has been phenomenal. “

The family thanked the police service “who have been working relentlessly on brining those responsible for his slaying to justice”

Alleyne’s funeral is to be held on Wednesday at the Indian Walk Open Bible Church at Matilda Road, Princes Town

The body is to be interred at the New Grant Public Cemetery

+2  Killed: Mark Stephen

Stephen’s funeral was held on Friday at the Princes Town RC Church and his body interred at the church’s cemetery

During his eulogy, his aunt, Yvette Rosseau described him as a “very loving, helpful and funny person. Someone who understood the importance of family life, served as a mentor and advisor to his brothers and sisters”

Of his killing, Rosseau said: “We don’t know why. We have spent these last days asking ‘Why? Why? Why?’ Yes he would go and lime with his friends, but his family came first.”